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👋 welcome to a Roam Garden about !


If you have questions, feature requests, bug reports or want to talk to other Roam Garden users and share what you've built - you can do that at

What data is uploaded to Roam Garden?

Only the data you explicitly mark as public (accordign to filtering rules described below) is sent to Roam Garden. All the filtering is happening locally in your browser.

How does filtering work?

All pages are private by default.

You can make a page public by marking it with a special tag.

Within public pages you can additionally mark certain blocks as private.

Block references and embeds on public pages would be resolved and included as public parts of the garden.

For any private page that was referenced in the public page an orphan page would be created. Such a page would collect backlinks to a private page from the public pages without revealing the content of the private page.

Can I use a custom domain for my Garden?

There is no user facing interfaces for it yet, but I'm happy to set it up if you contact me at

We also partner with Cloakist to provide this functionality while we're developing native support. Go here to get started.

Can I customize how my garden looks?

Yes you can upload custom CSS for your garden. Matt's garden can serve as an inspiration and great example of customization.

Also see showcase section on community forum for more examples.

How is my Roam Garden address determined?

It's based on your username. It will look like <username>

I'm having trouble setting up the garden, where can I get help?

Ping us at and we'd be happy to help!