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Roam Garden plugin setup

A video where I go through the full setup process


Create a block with the text {{[[roam/js]]}} on any page in your Roam Graph.

Nest another block under that one and paste the following content into it:


let id = "roam-garden-plantsman"
let existingRg = document.getElementById(id)
if (!existingRg) {
    const extension = document.createElement("script")
    extension.src = "" = id
    extension.async = true
    extension.type = "text/javascript"


It should end up looking something like the following

Finally - press the big red "Yes, I know what I'm doing" button (The code for the plugin is OpenSource and you can find it here).

Go to roam/garden page, and you should see the plugin UI πŸ™‚.

See also the following general-purpose plugin installation guide if the above didn't work for you: How to Install a Roam Plugin


Go to roam/garden page in your garden (or activate "Roam Garden" command in command palette).

There you should see the following login screen:

Log in using your credentials.

You can also register directly from within the plugin, though you'd still need to go to to set up the subscriptiion.

Upon logging-in you should see the following form

Fill out the form, press the Submit button and your garden would be ready in 5-15min (depending on number of pages you publishing)

Details about the requested fields

Garden Title - the "name" of your garden, which people would see in the each page header/link previews.

Starting Page - the page people will see when opening your garden url.

Make pages with these tags public - the pages which include the selected tags would be exported and made public. Only these (and starting page) are uploaded to Roam Garden.

Make blocks with these tags private - on the pages you've made public - you can elect to make the blocks tagged with particular tag private.

Custom CSS - you can alter how you garden looks by uploading custom CSS. Find some example in the showcase section of the community

The plugin code is available at under the Apache License 2.0

It does not currently have much documentation. I plan to add some in a bit though πŸ™‚. If you're interested in contributing - please let me know and I'll prioritize doing that!